thresholds is an experiment in digital publishing.

We collaborate closely with our contributors to custom-design each piece. The result is creative|critical digital handiwork, a hand-stitched sampler of texts and ideas.



Each essay consists of two sides, a left and a right, split by a central threshold. These two sides scroll together vertically.

Why is thresholds like this?

Every text is an ensemble piece that the author crafts in conversation with a multitude of other voices. Although reading and writing sometimes take place in solitude — perhaps you sit alone, now, before a silent screen — they are never lonely acts. Every encounter with a text testifies to our interconnectedness.

The design of thresholds revels in this fact. Here, the space between essays is porous — not a boundary that divides one author from another but a threshold that opens onto new interpretive possibilities. The reader gains agency at these crossings. Scrolling up and down each essay, you alter the relations between the left and right panels; bumping left and right, you generate new juxtapositions, as your endpoint in the previous essay collides with the beginning of the next. The architecture of each issue thus has a set structure, but every threshold contains the potential for a dérive, a drift into new passages. Wander at will.


To navigate between essays, click the < chevrons > on the left and right edge of each screen. This bumps you horizontally, one half-screen at a time.





You can also navigate to any article by clicking the boxes at the bottom of every page. Clicking on the number will create a permalink in your URL bar.

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